SSRP Stratospheric-Sensor-Relay-Platform

SSRP - a High altitude Platform (HAP) -  a unique high-technology platform which allows independence from satellittes and drones.


An unmanned stratospheric surveillance and a relay platform in a geostationary position at an altitude of around 21 km, with an endurance of 24+ month. The reusability and capability of carrying and autonomously operating a user defined mix of different snesors and effectors can provide a multi- mission capability. This cannot be achieved by geostationary satellites or drones. The SSRP can also be used as a combat net radio relay station, as a replacement for satellite radio and as a network-node.


SSRP -The high efficent and economical alternative to satellite and drone (UAV).


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SSRP Stratospheric-Sensor-Relay-Platform